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Yemen is showing positive signs of growth as peace is descending on the war torn nation.

Yemen Sees Dramatic Decrease In Rate Of War

For the first time in many years, Yemen is showing positive signs of growth as peace is descending on the war-torn nation. According to data shared by special envoy Martin Griffiths, the last two weeks have shown a dramatic decrease in the rate of the war.

Griffiths has thanked Saudi Arabia’s leaders for brokering the Riyadh agreement between government and separatists that has been an instrumental reason for this peaceful situation.

While both parties are part of a coalition fighting the Iran-backed Houthi militia, many hoped the deal could pave the way to a broader agreement to end fighting in the country. 

Griffiths commented on how Yemen has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of airstrikes and missile and drone attacks and that the number of security incidents in Hodeidah, the key port which became the main hub of the conflict, had significantly reduced. According to the recently signed Riyadh Agreement, Yemen will get to go back to its legitimate government within seven days. It will also see the unification of all military formations under the authority of the Ministries of Interior and Defense and the formation of an efficient

The government made up equally between the north and south of Yemen.

The civil war in Yemen started as internal strife and later become a power game between two sides.

The Houthis seized the capital Sanaa in 2014 from the internationally recognized government and launched an offensive across the country. They have been backed by Iran and at times North Korea as well.

A coalition including Saudi Arabia and the UAE intervened in 2015 after the militants invaded the city of Aden. They have been supported widely by the US, and other NATO nations.

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