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Yemen: Who is Commander Tareq Saleh?
Yemen: Who is Commander Tareq Saleh?

Yemen: Who is Commander Tareq Saleh?

Brigadier General Tareq Mohammad Abdullah Saleh, to give his full name, has become one of the most prominent names in Yemen fighting against the Houthis who are terrorizing the Yemeni people.

Tareq Saleh was born into a military family. He is the nephew of Ali Abdullah Saleh who was the longest serving president in Yemen before quitting in 2012. Tareq is the son of Major Mohammad Abdullah Saleh who served as the first commander of the Central Security Forces.

After the death of Major Saleh, Brigadier General Yahiya, Tareq’s brother was given a key position in the CSF. As for Tareq’s younger brother, Mohammad, he was made a commander in the Yemeni army, as a head of the army’s elite forces.



When Ali Abdullah Saleh chose to revolt against the Houthis, Tareq was made the commander of his elite and special guards. He was given the responsibility of fighting off the Houthi attack on his house. During the intense fighting, it was announced by Saleh’s relatives that Tareq had died due to severe injuries. Even Ali Abdullah Saleh went for Tareq’s funeral prayer.

However, it was all a ruse. Tareq later resurfaced in an area controlled by the government, calling for revenge against the Houthis. It is believed by military experts that Tareq was possibly asked by Saleh to flee to become the leader of a group that would fight against the Houthis. After all, the Houthis were already close to kill him previously.

Now, Tareq is back and is getting forces ready to take the fight against the Houthis. One of the regions that he might strike first is the city and port of Al Hudaydah.

It is extremely important to free the city and port of Al Hudaydah due to the inherent dangers of the Houthi occupying the region. Their presence at this important port is a threat to international maritime trade in the Red Sea. Additionally, Houthis are also blocking any and all humanitarian aid being sent to Yemen through the port. As a result, people in various regions across Yemen are continuing to suffer.

It is also shocking to note that Houthis are employing dangerous and banned methods to keep ships off Al Hudaydah office. They use booby-trapped boats for attacking ships and barges in the Bab al-Mandab Strait. They have even resorted to planting naval mines. Mines are banned by the international community since they can injure people long after the actual war is over.

This has been confirmed by several global shipping agencies. They have stated that these Houthi militias have begun to use naval mines, suicide boats and explosive devices with the help of Iran.

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