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Yemen Airstrike Kills USS Cole Bombing Plotter
Yemen Airstrike Kills USS Cole Bombing Plotter

Yemen Airstrike Kills USS Cole Bombing Plotter

On 6th January, the United States reported that during an airstrike in Yemen by the United States Jamal al-Badawi, an al-Qaeda combative who was behind the deadly USS Cole ambush in Yemen has been killed. US President Donald Trump made this announcement on Sunday. He even tweeted that the US military has been able to offer justice to the heroes who lost their lives or got wounded during the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen in 2000. He tweeted that the leader of the USS Cole assault has been killed; however, the country’s fight against the al-Qaeda still goes on.
During the fatal bombing on the US destroyer around 17 US sailors were killed and not least than 40 people were injured. On 12th October 2000, the US destroyer was refuelling in the Aden port when two suicide attackers in a small boat rammed into the ship and exploded. The boat was packed with around 1000 pounds of explosives. In fact, the explosion was so huge that it left wide open a huge hole in the port side of the warship. The cut was around 40-foot-by-40-foot.
The airstrike aiming Badawi took place in Yemen’s Marib province. Although, the US military voiced that they were still evaluating whether Badawi had been killed or not; however, they affirmed the news of Badawi’s death later on.
In 2003, a US grand jury prosecuted Badawi for his role in the bombing of USS Cole and the FBI even announced a reward of up to $5 million (£4 million) for providing any form of information leading to his arrest. In 2004, he was sentenced for plotting and taking part in the assault; however, he escaped from Yemen prison.
According to the US military, Jamal al-Badawi was a gift to the al-Qaeda operative in Yemen. It added that Jamal was a logistical guy on the ground; however, he might not be the mastermind behind the attack.

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