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Worst Acts of Humanity Gets Displayed from the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

From the end of August 2017, over 700000 Rohingya refugees ran away from the growing violence in Myanmar. The refugees fled to Bangladesh and are staying in refugee camps.  However, the influx of the migrants was so fast that the government of the country had little time to make any plans for their arrival. In fact, many people have built their homes from bamboos and tarpaulin. Most of the homes are dangerously positioned.

In fact, basic sanitation has been taken for granted. In some places, sewage is flowing side by side where they are living. In most of the camps, children are living and they face the huge risks of getting affected by diseases which can spread because of the unhygienic conditions.

The Rohingya refugees went through terrible agony before arriving at Bangladesh. Now during the monsoon season, they are required to rebuild their makeshift homes yet again.

UNICEF UK’s ambassador has seen many organizations working during emergencies. One such organization has come up with child-friendly spaces. This space would allow children who are stuck in an appalling situation to get support so that they can overcome the trauma.
One worker who was working on the issue got really impressed by the way the Rohingya refugees have overcome fear and are living with the hope of a better future. Previously, when children arrived at the camps they were very disturbed by the violence they have witnessed. However, the child friendly spaces created by some organization are helping the kids to get the much needed psychological support. In the space, the children can play or sing songs. The worker is glad to see the children laughing again. If the centers were removed, children won’t get access to crucial psychological, educational, and recreational facilities.

The Rohingya families have already gone through a lot of ordeal. Added to the agony is the destruction caused by the heavy rains. The refugees would now be facing problems to have an access to clean water, safe latrines, or basic health facilities.

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