Woman Detonates Herself in Tunis Injuring 15 people Including 10 Police Officers

On 29th October, Monday a woman blew herself up in the center of the Tunisian capital. The explosion wounded 15 people and included 10 police officers as well. The explosion broke a long period of calm after dozens of people died during a militant attack three years back.
Witnesses of the explosion recounted that the blast occurred on Tunisia’s central Habib Bourguiba Avenue. Soon after the explosion, the area near the historical Municipal Theatre and French embassy was sealed; the ambulances took away the wounded to the hospital.
From 2015, security has been raised. After several attacks on the tourist spots, a state of emergency was enforced by the authorities. The attacks not only frightened the tourists but also tourists, aggravating an economic crisis caused by an incessant deficit. President Beji Caid Essebsi stated that they speculated that they have got rid of terrorism and is hoping that terrorism won’t bring Tunisia down.
The bomber, aged 30 years didn’t have any militant background. The woman left her city three days back and informed her family members that she was heading to the Capital for some job. Walid Hkima an official from interior ministry stated that the bomber had a university degree in English. She was from the coastal governorate of Mahdia. According to officials, no tourists were injured due to the attack.
Tunisia is one of the few Arab democracies, and the only nation to replace a long-serving autocrat during the Arab Spring without generating large-scale controversy or civil war.


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