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Winners of Nobel Peace Prize Request Justice for the War Rape Victims

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners on Sunday demanded justice for the victims of sexual violence during conflicts all over the world. They made this announcement just a day before they would be receiving the award for their endeavor to bring an end to rape as a war weapon.


Denis Mukwege, a doctor by profession, helps out the victims of sexual violence in the Democratic of Congo; whereas Nadia Maurad is a Yazidi rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery by Islamic State. Both of them would receive the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize on 10th December during a ceremony in the Norwegian city.


Denis runs the Panzi Hospital in the eastern Congo city of Bukavu. The clinic takes in thousands of women each year, most of them needing surgery from sexual violence. On the other hand, Murad is an advocate for the Yazidi minority in Iraq. In general, she is also an advocate for the refugee and women’s right. In 2014, she was imprisoned and raped by Islamic State fighters in Mosul. Iraq.


Murad has lobbied for a United Nations investigative team to gather and preserve the evidence of acts by Islamic State in Iraq which might be war crimes, or crimes against humanity or genocide. The investigation team started their work in August, year after it was certified by the U.N. Security Council. During a news conference, she stated that not a single person in Iraq had meet justice over the rape of Yazidi women and girls.


Murad’s fellow Noble laureate, Mukwege, stated that for any peace process, justice should be an integral part. He added that even though the Second Congo War came to an end in 2003; still, the nation faces a lot of violence. After all, the rebels target the civilians. He added that after winning the Nobel Peace Prize he wants to bring offenders to justice. He added that the international community takes the task seriously when dealing with the victims of sexual violence.

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