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Qatar funging African terrorim
Qatar funging African terrorism organizations

Why is Qatar funging African terrorism organizations?

Qatar started tightening its relations with African governments lately by providing disguised help and investment in different kinds of business, which raises some questions about this new Qatari move in the African continent, why now? And what’s in it for the Qatari government?

After Qatar’s role in supporting and financing terrorism in the Middle East receded under the Arab and international political pressures, Qatar intensified its moves in the African continent, where security issues and chaos are spreading in some of its regions and where some governments are weak and powerless in front of the growing influence of extremist groups from the branches of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Mali, for example, which lived for years a state of security and political weakness and deterioration of social services, became a suitable environment for the expansion of extremism, which shed light on the Qatari role in supporting and financing terrorist groups serving economic interests, and political control.

In the chaos in which Mali is, Doha finds a suitable opportunity to expand its outlets by relying on extremist groups that have created a foothold, taking advantage of the weakness of the security services and their lack of equipment in front of terrorist organizations that have strengthened their arsenal and are provided with Qatari funding and support.

It is no longer a secret that Qatar had close links with terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Africa during the past years, but its role has been relatively diminished after it became clear to its Gulf neighbors and its Western allies.

Despite constant attempts to cover up this role, which at the opposite of international efforts to combat terrorism, Doha has not succeeded in exonerating itself of the accusations, as it’s American ally himself has repeatedly said, including President Donald Trump, Qatar has a proven track record in supporting and financing terrorism.

The Qatari leadership was forced to ease its suspicious movements in the Middle East, but in return, it strengthened its suspicious activities in Africa from Mali to Somalia, Sudan, and other hotspots of tension on the continent, where Qatar maintains close links with branches of al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Some information indicates that the competition between the branches of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Africa complicated for a period of Doha’s mission in bringing these terrorist branches together, but it continues to use its relations with these various groups to unify it so that it can enhance its influence.

Qatar intends to exploit the security force’s weakness in Mali to deal with armed and rebel movements to manage and control the political game so that it can use them in the implementation of its agenda, which is to strengthen the Islamic.

Anti-terrorism experts said that the Qatari mediation provided a political cover for the money flow to these groups by paying huge sums to release hostages held by extremist organizations, and Doha contributed to providing these redemption funds.

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