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Why Al-Qaeda Wants to Show Sympathy With Systemic Racist Protests In America

Why Al-Qaeda Wants to Show Sympathy With Systemic Racist Protests In America

Using the systemic racism upheavals that have rocked the United States across the states, Al-Qaeda has used the protests as a way to fuel the minds of the Muslim community with anti American sentiments, a recent news finding has confirmed.

The terrorist faction is also reaching out to non Muslims pushing them to be ‘champions of the oppressed’. The jihadist group runs its own magazine that continues to fuel the minds of Muslim believers with wrong and misleading pro-Islamic sentiments.

In its latest edition, it has been discovered that the online magazine One Ummah has used the iconic image of George Floyd’s last moments and a painting by the graffiti artist Banksy to help deliver its message of unsolicited support to protesters on US streets.

Adding fuel to the fire, they have termed it as the ‘making of a civil war’ and that ‘not even the Democrats can help you but we can.’ According to news analysts in the BBC, two terror factions are using the protests to meet their own personal agendas- Al Qaeda and Islamic State group (ISI). The former is using subtle ways to get across to the Muslim and non-Muslim American community through indirect messaging, its main rival, the Islamic State group (IS) has been opening critical about America’s discomfort and predicting that the unrest will spread to other countries.

Al Qaeda has been trying to regroup itself for a little while now. They have found the right time to do so, as they want to climb on an anti racism bandwagon and make their presence felt, is what political analysts feel.
Over a decade, Al Qaeda has been able to garner support in the Western Europe, unlike in the US. However, now, they seem to have come out of their hiding and suddenly speaking for something they have never known to have tolerance for. They are the same group that was behind the September 11, 2001 attacks that shook the morale of the American people badly.

Western intelligence has to be on vigil as a terror faction has kept quiet during the Covid-19 outbreak, but will use these societal upheavals to regroup strongly. They have had their resting time and might have become stronger than before. Its subgroups have been trying to regroup in Bangladesh, Tunisia, Pakistan and some parts of Europe as well since 2018.

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