What are the Major Digital Transformation Trends in the World of Tourism and Hospitality?

The tourism and hospitality industry has witnessed numerous digital transformations. In the hospitality industry, the digital transformations are a result of the higher customer demands.  By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the latest digital marketing trends which are raging in the hospitality sector.

Mobile Integration

The digital transformation has acted as a boon for the people who love to travel. At present, the customer can perform any task by using his mobile phone. There are many mobile-first and mobile-only brands and hence performing the tasks has become very easier.

AI and Chatboats

You can get all the hotel-related information by using the AI powered apps and technology. The guests can check out the information by using their mobile phones. The guests can use the voice activated chat bots to perform tasks like ordering breakfast or opening the curtains. You can also make changes in your reservation, check your account balance or redeem the vouchers by using the AI-powered chatbots.

Integration of the IoT

By using the IoT the hospitality industry can get detailed information about their guests. The IoT details provide information regarding the bookings made by the customers. If the hotel staff observes that a particular customer has made his booking in the last three years, then they can send a message to the guest asking him if he would like to make a booking for the present.

What are the Major Digital Transformation Trends in the World of Tourism and Hospitality?

What are the Major Digital Transformation Trends in the World of Tourism and Hospitality?

Focusing on Data

Data plays a major role in the world of tourism and hospitality. The tourism industry can cater to the problems of their customers by following the data closely. They can also make the necessary changes in their services by keeping the data in mind.

Reputation of the Organization

The hotels and restaurants focus in providing top notch customer service to their guests because the guests can put up their reviews in the various social media websites. The hotels are working hard to provide the best services for their guests.

Implementation of Virtual Reality

With the help of virtual reality, the guests can check out the tourist destination or the interiors of the hotel. The guests can easily preview the kind of rooms they will be allotted. The hotels are using the virtual reality to give their guests a glimpse of the travelling experience that they will be having.

The tourism and hospitality industry achieve greater heights by using the digital transformation trends. What are your views regarding this matter?


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