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The West should be at the “forefront” of the reconstruction of Syria: HRW

Western donors should ensure that humanitarian aid in Syria and future reconstruction aid in Syria are not suppressed or cronies, according to Humanitarian Aid’s (HRW) statement Friday.

According to the New York-based HRW, the Syrian government has maintained tight control over the flow of aid to the country during its eight-year civil war; Syrian authorities have refused to use their hunger tactics as a weapon of war or to assist them in directing government-owned areas.

However, the Human Rights Watch said in a report based on interviews with aid workers and experts, that the UN and other relief organizations are being forced into selective deployments to reach certain areas.

According to the report, the donors must now be in the “driver’s seat” because Assad won the war, but thought that millions of Syrian refugees had returned to their homeland.

In a statement to Reuters, he proved that the Syrian government is a “master of manipulation in aid”.“This is an important moment because the Syrian government is begging for billions of dollars in new funds to help the Western restructuring. So the problems we see will be repeated in the core.

There is no serious effort to deal with them. “Without a political transition in Syria, the US and the European Union say they cannot provide assistance in restructuring and that a war that kills hundreds of thousands of people will not end.

Roth said that Syria’s main allies, Russia and Iran, have hurt the economies. “So I can’t see any other major sources of funding.

There will be Western funds that provide Western donors with the leverage they hope to use. ”Anyone who offers humanitarian or restructuring assistance in Syria has taken the responsibility to ensure that their funds go to those most in need, that they are not subjected to ongoing pressure, and that the state does not fill their bank accounts. officials and cronies, “he said.

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