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Washington calls on Qatar to stop funding Iranian militias
Washington calls on Qatar to stop funding Iranian militias

Washington calls on Qatar to stop funding Iranian militias

Qatar continues to move in the Iranian circle in light of the escalating tensions in the region following the repeated attacks on oil tankers and installations by Iran, according to American and British affirmations.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani confirmed that Tehran wanted to strengthen relations with Doha more, which was confirmed by the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Tasnim, news agency reported.

Rouhani said that “strengthening relations with neighboring and friendly countries, especially Qatar, is one of the established priorities in Iran’s foreign policy.”
The Iranian President and the Emir of Qatar made statements during a meeting between them on the sidelines of the fifth meeting of the Conference leaders on Interaction and Confidence Building in Asia (SICA), which is being held in the capital of Tajikistan.

And the Qatari moves in the region, since the discovery of its agenda following the announcement of a boycott by the Arab countries calling for combating terrorism, indicate the depth of relations with Iran and its militias.

Observers say that Qatar wants to increase the crisis with the Gulf and Arab countries in order to continue its conspiracy policies with Iran, because resolving the crisis requires Doha to implement its obligations not to take steps that threaten Arab national security.

The Trump administration asked Qatar to stop financing Iranian militias after it revealed transactions linking Doha with terrorist groups in the Middle East, according to a new report published by the British newspaper “Telegraph”.

According to the newspaper, US officials have expressed concern about the links that Qatar has with a number of militias affiliated with Iran, especially the militias that are classified as terrorist organizations.

The White House request came to Qatar after a number of e-mails were sent by high-ranking officials in the Qatari government to a number of Iranian militia leaders, such as Hezbollah and prominent leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The newspaper, “The Telegraph”, which reviewed the messages, said that prominent members of the Qatari government have friendly relations with key figures in the Iranian “Revolutionary Guard”, such as (Qassem Soleimani), who was the commander of the “Quds Force” and (Hassan Nasrallah), leader of the “Hezbollah” militia.

The details of the secret talks that took place between Qatari officials and the heads of several Iranian terrorist groups show the huge amount of money that Qatar paid these groups.

The newspaper pointed out that one of these letters revealed an amount of one billion dollars provided by Qatar as part of a financial ransom to release the Qatari hostages held by Shiite militias in southern Iraq.

Such payments are in direct contradiction to Washington’s long-standing policy of not paying ransoms to terrorist organizations.

The United States renewed a request from Qatar to review its relations with Iran, as well as the ties that link Qatar with the Iranian-backed militias after US President Donald Trump announced to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal.

“What these messages show is how a number of prominent Qatari officials have developed a friendly relationship with senior figures in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, as well as with a number of terrorist organizations sponsored by Iran,” a senior US official said, adding in an interview to the newspaper that “while The United States is trying to persuades Iran to end its support for terrorist groups in the Middle East. We do not think it is helpful for Qatar to continue its relations with such organizations. “

The newspaper indicates that Washington considers Qatar an important ally in the war against “takfiri terrorism”, and that the United States has a headquarters to lead military operations directed against “ISIS” at the “Al Adid air base” in Qatar.

The Qataris say that contacts with Iran and a number of terrorist organizations it sponsors were aimed at ensuring the release of members of the royal family who were held captive in southern Iraq while on a hunting trip there.

One of the letters believed to be intercepted by a foreign government, a senior Qatari official said that he paid £ 50 million to (Qasim Soleimani) in April 2017. While he paid $ 25 million to an Iraqi Shiite terrorist organization, accused of killing dozens of American soldiers in southern Iraq.

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