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Venezuela Authority Detains 3 Foreign Journalists
Venezuela Authority Detains 3 Foreign Journalists

Venezuela Authority Detains 3 Foreign Journalists

The authorities of Venezuela has detained three foreign journalists and a driver on Wednesday. They were working for the Spanish news agency. However, each of the journalists is having different nationalities. According to the sources, they are from Colombia, Spain, and France. All these men were accused of covering the U.S.-backed efforts to expel President Maduro.

The authority initially arrested Leonardo Muñoz, a Colombian photographer along with his driver Jose Salas. They both were reporting live from the anti-government protests. Soon after, with the aid of intelligence officers, Colombian TV producer Mauren Barriga Vargas and Spanish reporter Gonzalo Domínguez Loeda were arrested. The latter two were arrested from their hotel.

According to the sources, this entire team of journalist traveled all the way from Bogota during the first week of January. They work for the fourth largest global news agency. Addressing this issue, the Spanish government has berated the detention and demanded an immediate release of them.

The Spain Government also mentioned that they respect Venezuela’s law, human rights and also fundamental freedom. The freedom of the press is also very much an essential element and the country must respect it.

If sources are to be believed, following the arrest of these 4 people, two reporters from Chili were deported. Contrarily, two more French reporters were detained based on the same ground of covering anti-government rallies.

The turmoil situation in Venezuela is not going to settle any time soon. Collapse of economy and fraudulence in the election have led to the sudden crisis in the country. Millions of Venezuelans are migrating in other south American or European countries. Amid this adverse situation, the government is upto the blame game. On the other hand, the opposition leaders are calling for a fresh election to do away with the existing disputes.

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