US Treasury Sanctions Aims At Taliban and Iranian Backers

On Tuesday, Afghanistan’s Taliban uprising was directed with sanctions by the United States. The US imposed sanctions against eight individuals; among them, two were having a connection with the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. It also included two Pakistanis and four Afghans. All of them were earmarked as global terrorists by the US Treasury Department. The US government enjoys the privilege to seize property or interest in the property as per the American jurisdiction.
The sanctions are also aimed at Taliban members. The members are involved in suicide attacks and also in other forms of lethal activities in Afghanistan; moreover, the Iranians supply material and financial support to them.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated that Iran’s plan to provide military training, finance and weapons to the Taliban forces is another example of Tehran’s glaring regional interference and support for terrorism. Hence, the US along with her partners won’t allow the Iranian regime to exploit Afghanistan for further destabilizing behavior.
The US government would be aiming at those who would provide financial support to the Taliban, until a negotiated peace settlement is reached. On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia along with Bahrain enlisted Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and officials from Quds Force as suspected terrorists.
The Taliban sanctions were also implemented by the seven members of the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC). The Quds Force-linked Iranians aimed in the Taliban sanctions were Mohammad Ebrahim Owhadi, Esma’il Razavi, Abdullah Samad Faroqui, Mohammad Daoud Muzzamil, Abdul Rahim Manan, Hafiz Majid, Sadr Ibrahim, and Abdul Aziz.
The Treasury Department enforced additional sanctions against Naim Barich, who had been labeled in 2012 under international narcotics sanctions.


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