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US site: Qatar the sponsor of war, hatred and terrorism

Qatar has tried each and every possible way to win Washington’s trust, Qatar even paid large sums of money to public relations companies to improve its image among American political circles, especially President Donald Trump.

Qatar also paid high-profile politicians, researchers, and journalists to polish their image, and to buy US most influencing newspaper columns to talk about the emirate’s achievements.

The most recent of these efforts came in announcements published by Politico Playbook, the American influencing magazine, that spoke about US-Qatari relations.

The website of the “Media” American report entitled “Qatar sponsors war, hatred and terrorism .. And Politico Playbook”; to talk about the latest Qataris methods to win Washington trust and friendship, pointing out that many of the ads on the Internet are easy to get and anyone was willing to pay money Gets ad space.

In the Politico Playbook, there was an advertising space for the Qatari government, which was regularly attacked for its sponsorship of terrorism, as well as being the subject of controversy between America’s allies and enemies alike.

The report said the announcement was not tourism-related but was part of the Politico Playbook newsletter, which was read by all politicians in Washington DC and was sponsored by Qatar and circulated throughout the bulletin, charging Doha with geopolitical grounds.

Among the announcements distributed during the report was a section on the strong relations between Qatar and the United States in the field of counterterrorism. He pointed out that one of the elements of this relationship is the airbase, which has more than 11,000 soldiers, as well as other announcements with links to published topics Previously in Politico magazine and talks about relations between the two countries.

Qatar also spends a lot of money on the Al Jazeera network in Doha to deliver their message, as well as buying advertisements in other media outlets.

But the US site pointed out that advertising is not the only place where Qatar’s money is spent, citing a report in the Wall Street Journal last week that dealt with the flow of money to terrorists from within its borders and described it as a refuge for terrorists themselves.

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