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Iran's ability to fund Hezbollah, Image credit: flickr

US sanctions limit Iran’s ability to fund Hezbollah

In a report published in Washington on Saturday, the US’s latest wave of sanctions said Iran significantly blocked its ability to finance Hezbollah.

The Lebanese terrorist group, together with its fighters and affiliates benefiting from the wages and social services paid by Tehran, has traditionally been the best-funded representative of the Islamic Republic.

However, the Washington-based newspaper, speaking with several Hezbollah officials, found that the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration after the US expulsion from the 2015 nuclear agreement a year ago had a profound impact on financing.

According to the report, while maintaining the necessary expenditures – such as wages for full-time warriors and the families of the militants who died in Syria, the Hezbollah militias were interrupted or canceled in other programs, where Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was effective in keeping power. These programs include additional benefits to militants and their families and the distribution of free medicines and food. Moreover, warriors were withdrawn from Syria or given to reserves.

There is no doubt that these sanctions have a negative impact, A Hizbullah official told the Washington Post about his anonymity. But ultimately the sanctions are part of the war, and we will face them in this context. “

The report said that Hezbollah sources would not show any fund data from Tehran before or after sanctions, but according to US Special Envoy Brian Hook, Iran was sent to Lebanon at $ 700 million per year. 70% of their income. Trump administration, the sanctions, Iran’s revenue decreased by $ 10 billion since last November, he said, he added.

The Iranians are accustomed to sanctions. However, these sanctions will produce a different response. The Iranians will not remain silent on this issue. Kamal Wazne, a Beirut-based political analyst, told the Washington Post. The newspaper described it as an analyst, holding it “with sympathy for Iran and Hezbollah’s point of view.

“Sanctions are more harmful than the actual war Wazne added, country, the government, and its people die slowly. Wazne said the Islamic Republic would have to retaliate.

However, Hizbullah officials speaking with the American newspaper said the current financial impasse does not affect the group’s ability to fight in different battle areas, including Israel.

We still buy weapons from Iran. We’re still ready to face Israel. Our role in Iraq and Syria continues. He told the Washington Post that there was no one in Hezbollah for not receiving their salaries and that social services did not stop, ğı and that sanctions would not last forever and that Washington would be victorious Washington. “As they were in Syria and Iraq in the war against Israel.

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