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US and Russia Ready to Initiate Fresh Conflict in Syria without China’s Help

The US and Russia are allegedly accentuating their offensive in Syria in an endeavor to crush the militant groups of Syria, with the Syrian conflict entering a new chapter after the five years of war. According to sources, Russia and the US would be moving ahead without taking the help of China, since the Asian superpower declined reports of sending troops to Syria in order to support the efforts of the Syrian rebels.

Xie Xiaoyan, the Chinese special envoy to Syria stated that supposition is being made by the media persons that China is participating in the Syrian conflict. However, it is baseless and not a truce picture of the Chinese policy. Arab media who provided pertinent facts, later on denied the presence of Chinese military in Syria.

China is firmly campaigning for the conflict settlement only by amicable means.  The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that China defies all form of terrorism and is looking forward to boost anti-terrorism cooperation with international communities, such as Syria, in order to look after security and cohesion in the region and also all over the world.

The US is working with the Syrian Democratic Forces; whereas Russia and Iran are working out with the Syrian military. It is being said that Russia is actively involved in carrying out airstrikes in many regions of Syria; whereas Iran is showing its strong presence in the area.

It is being stated that the US and Russia are ready to initiate new battles in different parts of Syria, in order to crush the so-called Islamic State.

It has being stated that the Pro-Syrian government forces are directing their attention to the remaining territories held by rebels in the north-west province of Idlib. Conflict has escalated over the past weeks as it is being considered to be the last bigger operation against rebel mutineers.

It has been claimed that Turkey has been involved in the clash as most of their military posts are situated in the afflicted regions. Peace talks are on the way and Russia reported that it is open to work with Turkey in order to come up with a solution.

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