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The US may well deploy 1000s of more troops amid Iran strain

The Pentagon is thinking about a request to send a large number of more troops to the Middle East as interactions worsen, unnamed officials say. Meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader stated he foresaw the demise of American civilization.

The US Department of Defense was expected to found plans to the White House on Thursday for thousands of troops to be deployed as reinforcements in the Middle East.

Sources cited by news agencies stated the extra personnel would be deployed in a defensive capacity. While the AP news agency stated up to 10, 000 extra personnel appeared to be requested, Reuters put the number at about 5, 000.

Meanwhile, Iran’s better leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran’s young would witness the end of Israeli and also American civilization in their lifetime.

“You teenagers should be assured you will witness the demise of the opponents of humanity, meaning the degenerate American civilization, along with the demise of Israel,” Khamenei stated in a meeting with students on Wednesday.

Relations between Washington and also Tehran have deteriorated seriously since last year when Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal aimed at preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons.

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