US Law Firm Finds Proof of Rohingya Genocide in Myanmar

A law firm was assigned the task of investigating Myanmar’s treatment of the traditional minority group Rohingya by the U.S State Department. The law firm after completing the investigation has stated that they have found proof of genocide, crimes against humanity, as well as war crimes.
The Public International Law and Policy Group demanded a “responsibility mechanism” to be established on an urgent basis, or else the case should be referred to the International Criminal Court. The Washington-based group found definite proof of human rights violations and many other violations. It has found evidence of murders, subjugation, deliberate killings, rapes, abuse, looting and devastating civilian property.
Over 700,000 Rohingya ran away from their homes and headed towards the refugee camps set up in Bangladesh; after Myanmar security forces started clearance operations last year in answer to the militant assaults that were carried out by the minority group. The United Nations has formally stated the military operations included organized murder, torture and rape, along with subjugation of civilian members belonging to the minority group.
The repression resulted in the global condemnation of Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who was kept under house arrest for over a decade before she was released and won the elections in 2015.
The law firm’s probe was grounded on over 15,000 pages of documents acquired through 1,024 interviews with Rohingya refugees who escaped the violence in the Rakhine State. Nearly 70% were a witness to the killing of their family member, or friend or associates.

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