US Investigator Finds Genocide Still Taking Place in Myanmar

Extermination or massacre is still taking place against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. The government is more and more indicating that it doesn’t have an interest to create a fully functional democracy.
Marzuki Darusman, chair of the UN-fact finding mission on Myanmar revealed that thousands of Rohingya’s are departing to Bangladesh, and around 250000 to 400000 Rohingya’s who decided to stay back at the homeland following the cruel military campaign are suffering terribly due to suppression and restrictions. He added that the assaults against them are still continuing.
Marzuki stated that apart from killing, every other thing is taking place against the Rohingya in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state. For instance, conditions are being created so that the Rohingya’s gets completely eradicated; bodily harm is being inflicted, and so on. However, Myanmar’s UN ambassador Hau Do Suan stated that the reports provided by the fact-finding mission are flawed.
Yannghee Lee, the special investigator from the UN on human rights in Myanmar stated that she along with others expected that the situation under Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi would change; however, the situation didn’t changed much. Currently, Suu Kyi who heads Myanmar’s civilian government repudiates the accusation of the military officials raping, murdering, and torturing the Rohingyas. She is denying that the military burned the villages forcing 700000 Rohingya’s escaping to Bangladesh.
Lee further added that the continuous denials, efforts to safeguard itself under the blanket of national sovereignty, and rejection of the 444 page details of the facts about humans rights violation points out the dire need to enhance the need of international action. He even stated that currently no progress has been made in the field of people’s right to claim their property.
Currently, the situation is like a racial segregation, where the Rohingyas in spite of living in Myanmar don’t have any freedom of movement. The model villages are trying to segregate the Rohingyas from the Rakhine ethnic community.


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