US Imposes on Iran New Sanctions Regarding Malign Activity

The United States had imposed new sanctions on three companies and six individuals because they allegedly have ties with the elite military forces of Iran. The information has been revealed by the Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has also confirmed the announcement. He had stated that the penalties had targeted those who had invested millions of dollars to the Iranian military group in order to fund the malign activities which the group carries out.

The IRGC was helped by the Central Bank of Iran to access the US dollars by using a large-scale currency exchange network. The Treasury Department had confirmed that all the six individuals who were penalized were Iranians. The US individuals as well as entities would be prevented from conducting any kind of business with the penalized organizations or individuals. The United Arab Emirates had also supported the decision made by the US.

Mr Mnuchin had stated that the Iranian Central Bank and the Iranian regime had abused the entities in the UAE in order to obtain US dollars to find the malign activities. The money was used to purchase arms for the regional proxy groups. He stated that their intention was to cut off the IRGC revenue from the source so that it can never reach the destination.

What is the Revolutionary Guard?

In 1979, Iran had become an Islamic republic and the clerics had gained the control of the nation after overthrowing the monarchy. The clerics in Iran were led by their supreme leader Ayatolla Khomeini. He had set up the IRGC to protect his nation and build defense against the basic principles of his revolution. The organization had grown in all possible ways and it included thousands of troops who carried out the major operations of Iran.


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