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US Congressmen Are Taking Note of Qatar
US Congressmen Are Taking Note of Qatar

US Congressmen Are Taking Note of Qatar

A group of United States Congressmen have decided to band together against Qatar which is considered to be a major supporter of chaos in the Middle East. Due to this support, considerable inconveniences are being caused to the nations in the Persian Gulf.

One of those congressmen, Roger Marshall from Kansas, stated in a meeting that the support provided by Qatar to fanatics against the US cannot and will not continue without serious and major repercussions. That meeting was called ‘Qatar: Strategic Ally or Strategic Threat?’ and the Middle East Forum supported this meeting. During the meeting, the congressmen also mentioned that the help provided by Qatar towards fear, slaughter and brutality raises doubt about the association of America with such a state.

It has been declared by Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, as well as President Trump, that the decision to establish an air base in Qatar will have to be reconsidered. This will occur based on Qatar’s dealings and association with Iran as well as other fear groups in the region including the Taliban and Hamas.


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