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US Claims that Iran Nuclear Inspection Must Not be Discontinued

The United States claims that the nuclear inspection of Iran should continue in spite of President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. After the US President scrapped the nuclear deal that rigorously scrutinized the Iranian facilities, it was announced by the senior administration officials that the monitoring should not be hindered in any way and should continue as before.

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the deal signed between Tehran and the important powers of the world and it forces Iran to open any site the inspectors want to inspect within 24 days and provide remote surveillance in some sites. The people who supported the Obama era agreed to the world’s most hefty inspection regime because it provided access to the most sensitive nuclear sites of the Islamic nation of Iran.

Trump stated during his rally in Indiana that it was still necessary to conduct tough inspections. He claimed that it was important that the inspectors could go and check the military bases and sites of Iran to be sure that the country is not cheating the world in any way.

The White House is claiming for the existing inspection regime to continue despite the imperfections. The inspection should continue under the UN nuclear watchdog, International Atomic Energy Agency. A senior administrative official had stated that Iran is expected to continue the Additional Protocol and cooperate with the IAEA irrespective of the fact whether the JCPOA remains in place or not. The other signatory countries of the Iran deal like Tehran, European powers and China want to implement the agreement.

Even though all the signatories of the deal along with US are interested in the implementation of the agreement, there are certain concerns regarding how long it would survive. Another major reason why the agreement might fail is if the United States imposed sanctions on the European countries which were conducting business in Iran.

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