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The US Base in Syria Is a Huge Barb in Russia and Iran’s Side but Nothing Can Be Complained

In early September, Russia and the Syrian regime alerted the US that they had planned to carry out counterterrorism operations near a key US garrison that lies in southeastern Syria. At the US military post, hundreds of Marines have been posted since 2016. In response to the alerts, the US demonstrated a live-fire exercise. As a result, the Russians backed off.
The al-Tanf military post has long drawn the displeasure of Moscow, the Syrian regime, and Tehran. However, all these powers could do nothing except complaining about it. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem stated in late September that the US is accumulating the remains of the Islamic State in order to help the latter carry on the battle with the Syrian army.
Russian General Valery Gerasimov stated that depending on a satellite image and other surveillance data, terrorist squads are posted at al-Tanf. At the same time, Iran hinted the quotation made by Valery.
US Army Colonel Sean Ryan, a spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve stated that the US-led coalition forces is present in Syria in order to defeat the ISIS. He added that the US troops are not providing any training to the ISIS troops and the information that is circulating is not true.
However, a senior military analyst at Stratfor claimed that the US troops have provided training to the rebels of Syria, namely the Maghawir al Thawra. This group remained at the limelight of the battle against the ISIS. He added that the allegation of US training the ISIS is baseless.
Moscow is disturbed about al-Tanf as it is the largest areas in Syria where the United States is embroiled with the revolutionaries on the ground. Moscow, who remains at the fury of Tehran and the Syrian regime, might move ahead of just obstructing the flow of weapons to Damascus. However, it would be foolish if the US troops are expelled from al-Tanf.

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