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United States Needs Help To Find Parents Deported Without Their Children

The Government of the US has told the federal court judge that they are keen to help out those parents who have been deported without their children. The volunteers and non-profit organizations apart from the government officials should take the initiative to lead in finding out the children of 400 immigrant parents who were separated from their children at the Mexico and United States border and those who are deported from the United States. The proposal has come to the federal court lawsuit which has challenged more than 2500 family separations which were initiated by the Trump administration as part of the zero-tolerance policy. This policy was actually to restrain the immigration which was done by the people illegally. The case which was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, judge Dana Sabraw have ordered the government to reunite the separated families as soon as possible but not such deadline has been given by the court.

The case has been solved for more than 1900 children and they have been reunited with their families. But still, more than hundreds remain separated which includes almost about 400 children who are in search for their parents. It has also been revealed that those parents are not in the United States till now. This is the status which has been given by the latest filing of the government. Department of Justice said that the government will be able to supply more information about the parents who were deported to the attorneys of the plaintiff. In the plan to reunite the separated families several cases have been filed and they have also promised to solve them sooner.

Among the separated ones, most of the parents who were removed have returned to their homes especially those who are residents of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

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