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Is the United States about to kill the Muslim Brotherhood fatally?

Is it notified that Washington’s plan to qualify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization means the closed end of the group? Attacking the White House and its allies in the Brotherhood movement mobilized by the US president a few days ago, Donald Trump – Iran and Turkey – everyone is talking about it.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which has already been designated as a terrorist organization in many Arab countries, once again emerges as the hottest topic. Not as a victim but as the party responsible for the chaos, tension, and dissemination of terrorism in the Arab world, as he insisted on presenting himself to the world. The Muslim Brotherhood will once again replace Recep Tayyip Erdogan, not behind the curtain of his ally and supporters in the region, but will soon confirm the decision by attacking the White House.

The New York Times said on Tuesday that the White House was forced to issue an order on April 9th ​​by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to issue an Order of the External Terrorist Organization (FTO) after the White House visit. He also reported that El-Sisi was calling Trump to take this step in a special meeting with no reporters and photographers. The US president responded positively, saying it would be ley meaningful.

US newspaper also said National Security Advisor and Secretary of State John Bolton Mike Pompeo and supported the idea that such an appointment will result in America’s relations with Turkey and Qatar’s liking.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: endiş The president consulted with the national security team in the region and their leaders who shared their concerns in the region, and that assignment is on its way in the internal process.

If the decision is applied, it may, in fact, mean a travel ban for all individuals in the group and the end of the Brotherhood, with economic restrictions on members and the expulsion of migrants working for it. organization.

This step – if it is implemented – directly opposes the direction of the US during Barack Obama’s presidency. The White House was not only in touch with the group at the time, but it also helped to come to power in the midst of changes in the Arab world, especially in Egypt and Algeria, after the Arab Spring.

Some described the expected US movement as the İsrail decision of the century ı, such as the “agreement of the century ası, which was planned to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Trump said that since the beginning of the presidential campaign, he hasn’t disgusted köt those who embrace hatred and evil. In general, the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslims over the American disagreement are expected not to decide whether to be explicit or implicit. It has long been expected by many Arab governments, including those who suffered in the hands of the terrorist brothers.

What is important is that this step has been debated among many of the Brotherhood’s young members and former leaders, as well as between the internal and external leadership, as well as many charges of financial corruption within the organization. It also comes after many Arab states have made it clear that the existence of the Muslim Brotherhood is a heavy burden.

When the Muslim Brotherhood is determined as an FTO as expected, this will undoubtedly lead to the drying of the group’s resources, limiting its illegal activities and the beginning of the end of this illegal organization.

The US decision may be based on the fact that Washington tried to establish Islamic governments in the region a few years ago, including the Muslim Brotherhood. However, some events changed the US position.

The first was the failure of the Brotherhood in Syria and the fact that there was false and false information about the situation in the United States. Washington later discovered that the group’s misleading reports dragged it to a place it didn’t want to go to.

The second problem was the use of violence to achieve the goals that Brotherhood directed, and in addition to providing control over themselves, as soon as they were polluting their reputation and explaining their true image to the world. Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood created sharp divisions among Arab societies and sponsored extremists who wanted to destroy countries and civilizations. If they are allowed to continue, they will cause the entire region to suffer from violence and blood. This is not something the US wants, because its purpose is to protect and protect its interests.

Another very important reason is the White House’s desire to strangle Iran, mainly to eliminate radical governments that directly threaten US interests in the region. That’s probably the first for Americans.

Trump is trying to increase his chances of winning the next election. The president knows his people well and the election lasts for months. The decision to involve the Muslim Brotherhood in the list of terrorist organizations may increase the chances that the Americans completely and openly reject the worldwide terrorist acts caused by members of the armed Islamist organizations.

Regardless of the reasons, the American decision is important. It can reshape not only the political interests court but also the map of alliances and insights. The US decision will also have a direct impact on the end of an organization that emerged in Egypt in the first half of the 20th century. But the real challenge is to cut the negative consequences that could only affect the normal citizens, whose political choice is the only crime.

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