UN Says Master Bomb Maker of Al Qaeda Might Be Dead

According to a United Nation’s counter-terrorism team, the master bomb maker of Al-Qaeda who planned to blow up an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day might have been killed. The report was presented by a UN team who tracks down the terrorist groups. According to the report, Ibrahim al-Asiri, who was deemed as the most threatening terrorist operator, might have been killed in Yemen last year.

Since the middle of 2017, the terrorist group has suffered an immense loss of leaders and field operatives, due to the far-reaching operations between Yemeni rebels and international counter-terrorist group. This statement was clearly stated in the report presented by the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team. Some member parties of the UN stated that the explosives experts might have died during the second half of 2017. Going by Ibrahim’s past role in hatching terror plots against aviation, his death can be a serious blow to the group and also their operational capacity. However, the report didn’t provide any clue on how Asiri might have died or who might be accountable for his death. US officials are looking out for evidence in order to find the authenticity of the statement.

The US military forces and CIA along with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia carried out counterterrorism strikes in order to obliterate Al Qaeda and also eradicate other terrorist groups present in Yemen.

In 2017, the US military forces carried out around 131 airstrikes and this year it has organized 34 strikes in order to target Al Qaeda. According to an analyst, there is a doubt over the death of Asiri. The group didn’t release any statement confirming his death. Hence, until any acclamation is released Asiri should be considered alive.

Al Asisri was the mastermind behind the ‘underwear bomb’ effort to blast an airliner on the skies of Detroit. He carried out several such plots which made Al Qaeda group the mostly dangerous one.


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