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The Syrian White Helmets carry away an injured man. AFP

UN official: Idlib shelling add up to a scorched-earth policy

Airstrikes in Idlib by the Syrian government and its Russian supporters add up to a scorched-earth policy, Britain’s ambassador to UN said on Tuesday, blaming world leaders for overlooking assaults on regular citizen targets.

The comments came days after a photo of a three-year-old young girl sticking to her sister’s shirt in the rubble of a shelled out building became a web sensation and featured the situation of individuals stranded in the north-west territory.

In comments that emphasized repeated briefings that Idlib has turned into a disaster, in the same town where the three-year-old later died of her injuries was still being bombarded days later.” Mark Lowcock, the UN’s coordinator of humanitarian affairs, stated.

Michelle Bachelet, a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stated that in any event that 450 civilians were killed since Syrian forces and Russia started their assault in Idlib in April. Their military aim is to crush rebels. However, the airstrikes have hit emergency clinics, schools, and other regular citizen places, whereas there objective is to fight the Al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham. As per The National.

Lowcock said that at least 17 villages had been destroyed, a past three months satellite imagery reveals. According to international media.

The details about the air assaults will be passed on to the Commission of Inquiry for Syria, which is assembling and saving proof for potential atrocities charges carried out over eight-year war, Lowcock told the committee.

Britain’s UN representative Karen Pierce demanded that Syrian and Russian units which have bombarded regular citizen areas are liable for international charges, in spite of the strategic deadlock.

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