UN Human Rights Council Seat Won By India with Highest Number of Votes

India has been elected by the General Assembly to the Human Rights Council, the influential group with the pledge that they will combat intolerance by any means with the highest number of votes. India received a total of 188 votes which is the highest poll till date by any of the 18 countries elected from the General Assembly. The General Assembly has a total of 193 members. This is the fifth time that India has been elected to the Council based in Geneva and it is also considered to be the main body of the United Nations. India also got the charge so that the human rights can be promoted and monitored by them.

India nominated itself to the Council with a pledge that it will support all the international efforts so that they combat racial discrimination, racism, related intolerance, and xenophobia easily. The presence of India on the Council will be important. This is because the previous UN High Commissioner had asked the body to make the inquiry international commission facilitate into the allegations which were made against human rights violation in Kashmir.

Bangladesh is another country which was also elected to the Council. It got 178 votes and they were selected so that they could fill vacancies among the five for the terms for three year from the region of Asia-pacific. Other Five countries were also endorsed in the regional group that got matched with the number of seats that were open for the election process of this year. They were the only county that got selected on the basis of ballot paper. Bangladesh came in the frontline with the Rohingya crisis dealing, hence got selected for the Council. Other regional candidates included Philippines, Fiji, and Bahrain. Thirteen countries also represented other four regions and they were also elected to the Council.


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