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UN council members warn of disaster in Syria

Eight other countries in the UK, France, the United States, and the UN Security Council warned on Friday that there was a potential humanitarian catastrophe in an indictment against Russia in Idlib, Syria.

Syrian forces and Russian allies have increased airstrikes and bombardments in the Idlib region, controlled by jihad since the end of April.

“We are expressing our deep concern about the potential humanitarian disaster in the case of a full-scale military operation in the Idlib region,” Belgian Ambassador Marc Pesteen told reporters after a closed meeting.

Diplomats, China-backed at the meeting supported by China’s statement, he said.

The other two countries – South Africa and Indonesia – did not participate in the unity demonstration outside the council rooms by diplomats from countries such as Kuwait, Poland, Peru, and Germany.

Council members condemned the loss of civil life and said they were concerned about the displacement of more than 150,000 people, as well as targeting hospitals and schools.

The warring parties and the protection of civilians in Turkey in September 2018, and urged Iran to comply with the ceasefire arrangements reached by Russia.

Since 29 April, according to the World Health Organization, 12 health facilities have been shot, including two major hospitals in the northwest of Syria.

About three million people live in Idlib, the largest base outside the control of the Syrian government.

French ambassador Francois Delattre said he fears a possible duplication of the bloody war that devastated Aleppo in 2016.

Prior to the meeting, Delattre said, “A new Aleppo should be prevented in Idlib at all costs.”

Diplomats, the meeting to draw attention to the crisis and said that Russia expects to oppose any common statement. Russia used the veto power in parliament 12 times to prevent action against its ally in Damascus.

Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, three non-permanent councilors, have already asked for an urgent meeting in the ninth year of the war, as they have made efforts to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

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