U.S Withdraws as a Global Leader: Germany Needs to Acquire Leadership Skills

Usually a single sentence creates a historical impact. Two vital sentences from Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor will surely go down in history. Her words portray the plea and pledge to all the Germans when the Syrian refugees were entering Germany in thousands. Merkel has stated that the time to depend on others have come to an end. She made her statement in a trivial and casual manner at a festival.

Withdrawal of the United States

The United States is withdrawing from the global front in three different sectors: morally, militarily and as the leader of the international community. The US is no longer ready to be the creator of global policy, reliable guarantor of European security and as the primary power in the west.

Advantages that Germany Enjoyed 

Germany had a sheltered foreign policy and the country did not need to shoulder much responsibilities. Germany is showing interest in taking up the responsibility along with another economically powerful and highly-populated country in Europe. Even though /Germany had ever taken part actively in the world politics, the time has come for the country to announce their requirements.

Merkel had given priority to the humanitarian principles in her refugee policies. Berlin might be forced to take harsh decisions if the new global situation goes out of hand.


German foreign policy experts are shocked at the estrangement of America and Europe. The Atlanticists feel that apart from Trump, the relationship between the two continents is stable and once the term of the U.S. President ends, everything will be back to normal. The major issue is that America has been receding from its role as the global leader even before Trump won the election.


There were rumors that Germany will be taking up the abandoned post of the global leader. It is quite difficult to imagine the German Chancellor as the leader of the free world. Even though Germany is a major power, the country is not politically or economically strong enough for this role. Germany has not been able to form a coalition government and Berlin is prone to the crisis of liberal democracy.


It is very important that Europe assumes a stand for its values. The attitude of Europe needs to change and the continent has to get rid of the arrogance. The continent needs to develop a strong hold in the tough competition.

Will Germany be able to assume the role of the global leader?


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