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U.S. Plans to Mark 9/11 Anniversary with New Monuments

The people of America are commemorating September 11 with somber tributes, a new monuments to victims, and volunteer projects after a year when the two attacks displayed an enduring threat to the biggest city of the nation.

Thousands of relatives of the victims, rescuers, survivors, and others are expected to be present at the anniversary ceremony on Tuesday taking place at the World Trade Center.  The U.S. President Donald Trump and the Vice President Mike Pence is going to head to the two other placed where the hijacked planed were known to have crashed in the most gruesome attack on American soil.

The President Along with Melania Trump, plan on joining an observance on September 11 memorial in a field which is close to Shanksville. Pence are attending the ceremony at Pentagon. Being a Republican and also a Native New Yorker, Trump has taken the occasion of last year’s anniversary to issue to strict warning against the extremists stating that America cannot be intimidated.

Around 3000 people lost their life in the attack when the international extremist hit home in way which previously had not for several Americans. This incident still shapes the American politics, policies, and also every day experience in places starting from the airport to the office buildings. This is true even it is a less of a constant presence in public consciousness after a period of 17 years.

After the anniversary last year, there was stark reminder because a truck mowed down people and killed 8 on the bike path that is only few blocks away from World Trade Center on Halloween.  Again, a would-be bomber suicide bomber set of a pipe bomb in subway passage close to Time Square.  It is suspected that both the attacks had been inspired by the Islamic State extremist group.

By now, the September 11 commemoration is familiar rituals which are centered on reading out the names of the people who died from the attack.  However, every year at ground zero, the victims of the relatives infuse the ceremony along with a personal message of concern, remembrance, and inspiration.

Few hours after the ceremony there will be two powerful beams of light soaring into the night sky from lower Manhattan.  This year the anniversary falls during the midterm election cycle.  However, there has been significant effort to separate this anniversary from politics.

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