U.S. Commander Mentions Afghan Strategy to Increase Peace Hopes

Despite the ongoing violence and anarchical control of many areas along the countryside, an increasing possibility of peace talks with the Taliban forces is down the line. On 23rd July; top U.S commanders in Afghanistan felt that their U.S strategy in Afghanistan is working in their favor.

The comments came at a time as thoughts have started to grow that the talks with the Taliban forces can end the 17 years war in Afghanistan. In fact, during the last month’s ceasefire over the Eid holiday, saw the intermingling of unarmed fighters and soldiers on the streets. NATO led Resolute Support mission commander praised Trump and said that the advancement made toward the reconciliation goal under Trump’s reign saw tremendous progress, which couldn’t be reached in the last 17 years. He even pointed that the advancements made towards peace is very important and pertinent.

A year after President Trump sent more troops to Afghanistan and even gave the commanders great authority to use air strikes in order to kill Taliban. Reports showed that thousands of civilians gets killed or wounded. However, the US top regional commander during his visit to Kabul expressed careful anticipation about the progress.

Amidst the growing diplomatic activity, taking place behind the scenes, President Ashraf Ghani offered peace talks without any conditions. The US offered their support and promised to participate in the talks. On the other hand, the Kabul government insisted that they would be looking forward to offer another ceasefire during next month’s Eid-al-Qurban holiday. However, the commander of NATO-led Resolute Support mission mentioned that the figheters can use this opportunity for their advantage.

Serious threat looms large from the Islamic State fighters as they claimed to have carried out a series of high-profile attacks in Kabul. However, commanders are getting prepared to review the U.S. strategy that holds the chance to bring some changes in due course of time.


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