U.S.- Backed SDF Ready to Take on Any Turkish Attack in North Syria

In a current interview, the leader of the US-backed SDF collation Mazloum Kobani claimed that they are ready to take on any Turkish assault and are prepared to fight when needed. However, before using violence as a means they are trying to use diplomatic effort to curb down tension and antagonism.

Washington is presently taking proper steps to ensure that peace is maintained and the Turkish aren’t immediately set up an offensive against the SDF. The SDF fighters belong to the Kurdish YPG and have fought many wars for the US against the Islamic State. To aid US ammunition and warplanes they have even successfully seized several jihadist territories.

Kobani in his interview further said that, if the Turkish Assault is to happen then this would result in uniting all the YGP Kurdish fighters to work on curbing the. However, as most of the YGP is currently fighting remaining Jihadists in the Islamic State, their distraction would mean the jihadists will spread again.

In response to this, President Tayyip Erdogan claimed that he would also initiate an operation to see that more than 2,000 U.S troops stand beside the SDF. This raised the concern of the Pentagon who warned that any unilateral military attacks will not be tolerated.

Nevertheless, many of US-NATO allies like Ankara is widely dissatisfied with the US supporting and backing the Kurdish fighters. The Kurdish fighters as seen by many NATO allies are nothing more than terrorists. On the other hand, Turkey responds to this by saying that real members of the YGP fighters are outlaws belonging to the PKK movement. This PKK movement has hated Turkey form the very beginning and now under the SDF, they will wage war causing immense political disturbances.

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