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In early morning raids in Kurdish regions of Urfa and Diyarbakir today, around nine legal advisors were confined on terror charges

Turkish Pressure Pushes Greek To Hide Migrants In Detention Site

While Turkish President Erdogan is busy letting off harried migrants towards Greece, it also attacks the latter by calling it ‘Nazis’ after a secret migrant camp was exposed in its premises. Erdogan has gone all out to call Athens barbarian after reports disclosed the presence of a certain kind of covert extrajudicial detention centre.

Apparently, Greece has been using a prison camp for immigrants where it holds them incommunicado before being illegally expelled back into Turkey.

After the discovery of the facility, the United Nations has warned Greece against the forced return of migrants and refugees following reports the authorities were operating a secret site to deport a wave of new arrivals from Turkey without legal procedures.

The site is situated near to the Greece-Turkey border. It is situated on farmland between the border village of Poros and the Evros River, which divides Greece and Turkey. The site is a new tactic being employed by the Greek authorities to curb the movement of migrants across the border.

Satellite imagery confirmed the presence of the camp and witnesses said hundreds of migrants and refugees were forced to wait outside the site’s three warehouses while dozens were crammed indoors. Migrants have said they were beaten and had their possessions confiscated after being captured in Greece. They said they were then returned to Turkey without access to a lawyer or the chance to claim asylum.

The site has been used extensively after Turkey started sending in migrants through its border. Most of those crammed up at the site were Syrian refugees only. Political analysts continue to believe that Turkey has put immense pressure on Greece and its neighboring European nations in order Ankara can garner support to meet its Syrian objectives.

Determined not to give in and faced with a deluge of migrants, Greece might have crossed the line and violated human rights to have resorted to such tactics that take one back to days of Adolf Hitler.

The UN refugee agency has decried forced returns and the lack of proper process for refugees in Greece. As Turkey and Greece face off across the border, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Greece’s actions have led to the deaths of four migrants and that about 1,000 were injured. From both sides, the pressure is being mounted on the European nation. This could be detrimental as the world deals with the outbreak and spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus.

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