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Turkish Defense Minister responsible for threatening the whole of Arab national security

Turkish Defense Minister responsible for threatening the whole of Arab national security

The Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, is dispatching terrorists in various parts of the world, from North Africa to Lebanon, from Libya to Yemen. Turkey has sent to Libya from December 2019 by today thousands of Syrian mercenaries, including Islamic extremists.

Several reports showed that Akar is not using only Syrian youth to reach Erdogan’s new colonial plan, but also Yemeni, Sudanese, and Tunisians. Recently, the Arab Weekly reported that at over 2,500 Tunisian ISIS members have been deployed by Ankara in the neighboring country.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Akar and his intelligence officials have transferred Jihadist groups and Islamic State (ISIS) members of different foreign nationalities, from Syria to Libya in the past few months. These included thousands of other ISIS-affiliated Tunisians operating in Syria.

The Turkish Minister of Defense contributed to the development of policies and recruitment of mercenaries throughout the world. He is taking advantage of the suffering and frailty of young people who lost everything because of the conflict. Discussing with mercenaries under the Turkish army, it is clear that these young people have been brainwashed.

Turkish officials are making thousands of young Arabs believe that Erdogan is the defender of Muslims even if this “Islamic brand” is just propaganda. Through the media, it fosters hatred against the West and International Community in order to fuel the hatred between peopleand effectively creating further chaos.

The Arab League repeatedly condemned this Turkish interference in the region and in the internal affairs of third countries. Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit confirmed that Turkey’s actions in the region had become a cause for concern, condemningthe Akar’ military intervention throughout the region.Turkey’s military intervention in Arab lands, whether in Iraq, Syria or Libya, has become a cause for concern, the Arab League chief said last month.Also, the Arab League’s council adopted a resolution in March to take a unified Arab approach towards Turkey and condemn Ankara’s continuing intervention in Iraq.

Almost always, Turkey has no right to intervene militarily on the territory of another country, but uses the Muslim Brotherhood to reach illegal agreements like in the case of Libya. Akar has come to justify Ankara’s interference with trivial apologies, such as intervening in defense Turkish ancestors’ descendants.

Where does the Turkish defense minister want to reach through his continuing threats to Arab countries and without rights?These constant threats to other Arab nations are plunging the region into a climate of fear and instability. The spectre of a wider-ranging war, in fact, is always around the corner.

Hulusi Akar is one of Erdogan’s arms participating in the coup trick. He underestimates the international law and its relations with its neighbours, for this reason, more and more countries are demanding that this man who holds a high official position within the Ankara government, be held responsible for his actions as the illegal Turkish interventions are threatening the whole of Arab national security.

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