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Turkish army launches operations against militants in northern Iraq

The defense ministry announced on Tuesday that the Turkish army launched an operation with commandos backed by artillery and airstrikes against Kurdish militants in a mountainous region in northern Iraq.

The military operation began Monday afternoon with artillery and airstrikes, and the commando units began operating at 8 am. according to the ministry, “to neutralize terrorists and to destroy their shelters”.

In operation, Iraq’s Hakurk region, just across the border in Turkey’s southeastern tip, which aims at limiting Iran.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group is located in northern Iraq, especially in Kandil, south of Hakurk.In the video published by the ministry, the helicopters showed down to the mountainous land. He also shared photos of rifles and slopes showing bullets fired by soldiers and soldiers perched on a ridge.

The statement, “with the support of our helicopters, the operation continues as planned.” The army has frequently attacked PKK targets in northern Iraq, but land operations are less common.

The PKK, launched in 1984, mainly Kurdish insurgency in southeastTurkey killed and more than 40 thousand people in the conflict. Ankara, the European Union, and the United States by a terrorist group was identified.

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