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Turkey’s pro-Kurds party demands Erdogan end military involvement in Libya and Syria

Turkey’s pro-Kurds party demands Erdogan end military involvement in Libya and Syria

People’s Democratic Party (HDP), the Turkey ‘s pro-Kurds party demanded probe into the government’s funding directed towards operatives in Libya and Syria. Besides, the party asked the government, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to end all its military activities in the war torn African nations. HDP criticised the government’s regressive war policy, which is costing the country huge debts, and high rate of unemployment, besides economic slump caused by coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, Tulay Hatimogullari, the HDP member from the southern province of Adana, filed a parliamentary inquiry to the country’s Foreign Affairs minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, to unveil the economic strain of Turkey’s military operations in Libya on its national budget.
Hatimogullari said: “The ongoing war in Libya negatively affects people in Turkey as well. All Turkish citizens have to bear the cost of war policy that is pursued in Libya.

“Instead of spending this money for developing policies related to health, education, child, disabled, women and refugee rights, such expenses for conducting overseas war are actually the result of a conscious choice.”

Hatimogullari slammed the government for being oblivious to the country’s economic downfall, and focusing on funding military campaigns in the neighbouring countries, while its own country got battered by the COVID-19 outbreak.“The presence of the Turkish army in Libya and Syria should be stopped immediately and the government should halt all overseas military expenditures to reallocate them to the immediate needs of its own citizens,” she added.

HDP, the third largest party in the Turkish parliament, asked the government to submit a detail report of its military expenses in Syria and Libya including the funding provided to Syrian mercenaries and the Libya’s Government of National Accord, along with other local factions.

Hatimogullari questioned how was the government ‘paying the salaries of about 10,000 Syrian mercenaries who are deployed to Libya”. Erdogan’s government has been accused of paying Syrian mercenaries about $2,000 a month in cash, for supporting GNA in Libya.In February, Turkish President admitted that ‘Turkey is there with a training force. There are also people from the Syrian National Army.’

In a crackdown against HDP members for raising voice against the government operations, the Turkish authorities detained various elected mayors and membersof the Party on the pretext of terrorism. Government said that they detained and stripped these politicians of their official responsibilities for holding links with militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Kurdish lawmaker, Musa Farisogullari, who protested against Turkish operations in North Syria told Reuters, “Oppression of our people has reached the point where even stepping outside to make the most democratic reaction faces a very harsh response.”

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