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Turkey’s opposition to the mayor of Istanbul gave warning to Erdogan victory

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s opposition won control of the re-made in Istanbul mayoral elections, breaking the air of invincibility and gave a bitter blow by sending a message from voters dissatisfied with the policy.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) Ekrem Imamoglu received 54.21% of the vote, according to a much larger victory margin than the one won three months ago, according to the state-owned Anatolian news agency.

Erdogan’s Islamist-origin AK Party protests after the vote said the irregularities in the previous results were canceled. Vote restarting decision was criticized by Western allies and said that Turkey’s democracy was under threat has caused a stir among local dissidents.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of Imamoglu supporters celebrated the streets of Istanbul after former businessman Erdogan won the island of almost 800,000 votes.“In this city today, you have fixed democracy. Thank you, Istanbul. ” Imamoglu, supporters who make heart signs with their hands, in the words of the inclusive election discourse that marked their campaigns.Imamoglu, “We came to embrace everyone,” he said. We will build democracy and build justice in this city. I promise in this beautiful city, we will build the future. ”The Supreme Election Board has not yet announced the official results, but Erdogan congratulated Imamoglu from the ruling AK Party to the ruling AK Party and Binali Yildirim, Imamoglu’s rival, wished luck as mayor two hours later.

Erdogan of Turkey since 2003, after the prime minister ruled as president and founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, since nearly a hundred years ago was the most dominant politician in the country.AK Party and the conservative religious Turks, with continued strong support for Turkey’s economy through the ownership of half of the decade and construction-driven growth Erdogan, helped him win more than a dozen national and local elections.

However, the recession and the financial crisis lost this support, and Erdogan’s constant control over the government alarmed some voters.

Turkey lira fell after the decision to cancel the March elections and partly fell 8% in this year’s election decision. On Friday night it rose from 5.8140 to 5.72 overnight but dropped to 5.7750 until 0500 GMT.

Imamoglu, once known as the AK Party strongholds in the country’s 25-year-old Islamist domination of the largest city in the traditional religious districts of Istanbul even gained support. Gulcan Demirkaya, a 48-year-old housewife in the Kagıthane district of Istanbul with a tendency towards the AKP, said, “This restructuring was an election that put an end to the dictatorship. “Hopefully, I would like to see him as president in five years. The one-man rule must end. “Results of a new chapter in Turkey’s politics trigger with the first three cities managed by the current opposition in bringing the country’s economic problems and possible further centers can trigger cracks in Erdogan’s AK Party.“This will certainly have an impact on the future of Turkish politics, given the margin of victory. It is an alarming sign for the establishment of the AKP. ” Sinan Ulgen, the scholar of Carnegie Europe in Brussels and former Turkish diplomat.

Analysts say the loss could make a cabinet change in Ankara and corrections in foreign policy. Despite the fact that the leader of the AKP’s nationalist ally took over the ally, he could even launch a national election earlier than 2023 as planned.MHP party leader Devlet Bahceli, “Turkey should now return to the real agenda, the selection process should be closed,” he said. Bahceli said, talking about early elections will be one of the worst things that can be done to our country. ”Uncertainty about the fate of Istanbul and possible delays in wider economic reforms have kept financial markets at the highest level.

The US sanctions threats, Erdogan’s plans to establish a missile defense system continued to focus on the markets.

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