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Turkey Shows Restlessness In Developing Buffer Zone In Syria

Turkey is running out of patience with the United States not toeing the line with Ankara over a buffer zone in Syria. There is an ulterior motive in this behavior, political analysts have said. It is now confirmed that soon a new military delegation from the U.S. will travel to Turkey to continue talks on establishing a safe zone in Syria.

This has been communicated by the Foreign MinistrySpokesperson Hami Aksoy who also communicated that Ankara will not allow Washington to stall the process by making infeasible offers.”If Turkey cannot find a middle ground with the U.S., then it will have to establish a safe zone in Syria by itself,” Aksoy said.

During a phone call with U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Akar conveyed Turkey’s position once more that Turkey expects the U.S. to fully withdraw its support for the PKK terrorist organization’s Syrian offshoot, the People’s Protection Units (YPG)-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

There are evident reasons for Turkey’s impatience. But of all the reasons, its thirst for oil and natural gas reserves leave alone the desire for land grabbing has prompted the current President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to move towards the buffer zone.

Surprisingly, the buffer zone will occupy the vast majority of Syria’s oil resources. So, with this happening, Turkey can look forward to not only expulsion of Syrian Kurds from the buffer zone, but possession of the oil reserves their historic towns and villages sit over.

Turkey is also in the mood of ethnic cleansing and conversion. The 20-mile buffer would give Turkey control not only of most Kurdish-governed towns and cities that comprises Qamishli, Kobane, Amudeh, Malikiyah (Derik), Ain Issa, and Manbij.

A Turkish buffer on the Syrian side of the border could spark civil war as Kurds who fled Turkey have nowhere else to go.

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