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Turkey S-400 is not taking away from NATO: Akar

According to Turkey’s defense minister, Turkey, the purchase of S-400 missiles cannot get away from NATO.

Hulusi Akar, 21 June, told reporters in Ankara, the capital of the military graduation ceremony, “Turkey fulfills all the requirements of NATO. By buying the S-400 missiles do not move away from NATO.

We absolutely refuse to relate this issue to the [US] F-35. We are partners of nine countries in the F-35 project. ”Turkey, allies, especially that he expects an objective assessment discreet act and the problems of the US.

Tensions between the US and Turkey, Ankara’s Russian S-400 defense system was slow buying.

Washington, argues that buying the F-35 fighter aircraft would jeopardize Turkey’s role in the program and threatened sanctions.

Turkey, S-400 and that there is no contradiction between the F-35 and a working group to clarify the issue, said that the call. ‘They got the punishment they deserve’This week, Akar spoke about the heavy penalties imposed on former officers who took part in the 2016 defeated coup and greeted the decisions.“[These traitors who infiltrated the General Staff] received the penalties they deserve from Turkish justice.”Thursday gathered 17 senior leaders, 141 received aggravated life imprisonment for participation in the 2016 coup in Turkey defeated.FETO and US-based leader Fethullah Gulen organized the defeated coup on July 15, 2016, killing 251 people and injuring approximately 2,200 people.

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