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Turkey, Russia, Iran to Meet in Sochi for Syria Talks

Russia, Iran, and Turkey, the co-sponsors of the Syrian peace talks held annually in Kazakhstan, will be meeting on 30th-31st July in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi. The leaders of the three countries would be meeting in order to held high-level talks on the seven-year-long civil war.

On 29th July, the Russian Foreign Ministry briefed that representatives would be discussing issues regarding the creation of a Syrian constitutional committee, humanitarian issues, and the de-escalations zones set up in Syria. According to the local reporters of Russia, the Russian delegation would be headed by the Kremlin’s special envoy to Syria. Iranian Deputy Foreign Ministers along with his Turkish counterpart would also be a part of the meeting.

According to sources, the UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura along with Jordanian representatives would be present as observers. However, the US officials refused to be a part of it.

Even after backing different sides, Turkey, Russia, and Iran started a negotiation process in the Kazakh capital, Astana, dealing with battlefield issues, like cease fire and de-escalation zones. However, a separate UN led talks for addressing the political issues in Geneva is already taking place in Geneva.

The Sochi gathering comes at a point hen Turkey announced that it plans to organize a summit with Germany, France, and Russia, during early September for discussing Syrian conflict and other issues. President Erdogan stated that the meeting is scheduled to take place in Istanbul on 7th September. However, the Turkish leader refused to comment on the issues of the agenda; however, mentioned that it would carry its dialogue with Russia. Neither Moscow, nor Berlin, nor Paris provided immediate confirmation.

Russia along with Iran’s help provided Syrian President Bashar al Assad full support throughout the seven-long-year of civil war. On the other hand, Turkey supported the rebels fighting Assad’s government.

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