Turkey Replaces US in Qatar Military Base

The military plan which has been elaborated by the Turkish Ministry of Defense said that two such bases would come up by 2022. More to this, 60,000 soldiers of turkey will be sent to four different bases in abroad.

This aspiring security project which has been shaped by Turkey explains its foreign policy it has adapted in Middle East with the other economical projects. Qatar is now facing a different situation. Washington has been abandoning Doha after the political rift in 2017.

It is news that America’s Al-Udaid base in Doha will be moved to some other country. This is a good opportunity for Turkey to restore its existence in the Doha region. The development of the Doha region will have its effects on the Turkish bases that stand on this part of the land.

When Qatar announced its intentions to host the World Cup of 2022, this was the time Turkey showed its interest on Doha to establish military bases out there. The American Military Expert believes that it’s high time for US to remove its military bases from Doha to other regions in the Middle East like UAE, Oman and Jordan.

The vacuum which has been created in Qatar due to the decision of Washington to withdraw its bases in being filled up by Turkey with the reinforcement of its soldiers. Turkey is now ready to take charge of Qatar. There are more than 30 Turkish companies in Doha in the construction sector.

This is the main reason why Turkey wants to set up a base in Doha and deploy its soldiers too. In a situation where Doha and Ankara are mutually isolated, speeding up the economic ties between Qatar and Turkey is important. Announcement has been already done by Doha that Turkish corporations will get an upper hand in business during the World Cup of 2022.


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