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Turkey incites Syrians against Kurdish
Turkey incites Syrians against Kurdish

Turkey incites Syrians against Kurdish local administrations

Turkey uses water as a weapon in the face of more than a million and a half million people who live in the province of Hasaka and its countryside, to pressure the Kurdish local administration and incite the population against it.

In order to pump water to the Hasaka city again, where people are struggling and thirsty to death for more than a week, the Turkish forces had started operating the Aluk drinking water station. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed on Monday.

The pro-Turkish factions had previously cut off the water on the city and its countryside by closing the Aluk water plant three days after opening it, which put people in a miserable and unacceptable situation.

Ankara’s blackmail policy against the Kurdish population has raised international condemnation, qualifying it as inhumane and contrary to human rights principles.

Turkish violations have escalated since its occupation of large areas in northern Syria, especially the Kurdish areas, after its October invasion implementation which drew wide international and regional criticism.

According to several sources, Turkey has ordered its Syrian militia to tamper with these areas, whether during the aggression that began in October and stopped by US mediation on the 23 of the same month or during the occupation of those cities and villages.

Turkey will be accounted for as responsible for any crimes committed in the areas under its control, whether committed by its soldiers or by its militias. It is also assumed that the consequences of sabotage and destruction to basic services facilities resulting from its aggression on northeastern Syria, including the power lines alimenting the AbarAluk project, will be borne by Turkey.

With the Kurds resorting to an agreement with Moscow and the Syrian regime, the Russian army conducted patrols in the area, causing friction with the Turkish patrols.

“Turkey would limit the movements of its forces in the areas of operations in Syria because of the Coronavirus and because of an important increase in the number of cases and deaths in Turkey,” Turkey said on Sunday.

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