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Turkey Condemns Cancellation selection of Trump Management

Trump management said in a statement on Wednesday, President Erdogan of Turkey after losing the mayoral race in Istanbul in contrast to the criticism of his party movement in Europe, he said he could not condemn him to cancel the election results. The statement said only that the US “took notes” of development and did not include open criticism by Erdogan or the Turkish authorities, but it was necessary for any democracy to accept free and fair elections and legitimate election results. “

Last month Erdogan’s Islamist “Justice and Development” party has lost control of Turkey’s largest and most important cities, including Istanbul. However, following the political pressures of Erdogan and others, the country’s court system decided to cancel the election results in Istanbul this week and make a new election in the summer.

The response of the Trump administration to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed the decision to cancel the election results of Istanbul as a legitimate move. The statement, “Turkey long, has a proud tradition of democracy,” he said. “We encourage the Turkish authorities to make this choice in accordance with its own laws.” With the statement, referring to Turkey’s membership in NATO.

The decision to hold a new election was criticized by the German foreign minister and the French government, and an EU spokesman asked for a statement by the country’s election body.

Erdogan’s AKP resorted to re-election after the first results, and a series of statements showed that after 25 years, Istanbul had lost control.

It was a shocking loss for Erdogan, who served as the mayor of the city in the 1990s and campaigned before the local national vote; The first election test since last year’s hard currency crisis has put Turkey’s economy into recession.

Turkey welcomed the Supreme Election Board AKP’s request and the results released on Monday scrapped.

In the first round of voting held on 31 March, the country’s biggest winning mayor in the city with narrow ranges Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), the decision to “flat dictatorship,” as described.

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