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Trump Side Steps Qatar’s Influence Peddling of American Educational Institutions

What has left many political analysts and counter-terrorism experts foxed is as to why Trump did entertain Emir of Qatar so warmly and not focus or mention anything about the small, rich and notorious country’s illicit mechanisms of influencing American educational bodies and media houses in its favor.

These concerns many say should have been a part of the Trump’s agenda but what seemed to interest White House were only economic issues. Most of Qatar’s funds, it is confirmed, are being channeled through the Qatar Foundation.

This foundation has been criticized for its ties to extremist Islamic ideologies and activists in the past, and also for illicitly funding terrorists and faction groups as well.

David Reaboi, a national-security consultant based in Washington, DC, has ridiculed Qatar’s attempts to claim a neutral stance when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood.

What is most surprising is that Trump administration has not mentioned anything about Qatar’s sly games to influence the media and US-based institutions with its large funding sums, only to ensure it looks like the good schoolboy, while it can carry its terror financing plot hidden.

“The Brotherhood has found a home in Qatar and, today, they are supporting (and also counting on the support of) every Islamist group and activist in the world.”

Reaboi said. Further, an FDD senior researcher, Varsha Koduvayur, thinks that itis time that Trump acted and should have asked the Emir to “come clean” about Qatar’s funding of American universities.

“President Trump should tell the emir that America welcomes genuine investments in our education system, but not influence peddling,” Koduvayur said.

According to Koduvayur, Qatar is not only “meddling” in major universities but also targeting teachers at elementary and high schools (K12), impacting young people and teenagers under the age of 18.

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