Trump and Putin Agree to Enhance Cooperation in Syria

U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart President Vladimir Putin agreed to collaborate on various issues. During the bilateral meeting at Helsinki, Trump and Putin agreed to cooperate on issues like conflict in Syria, nuclear disarmament, and anti-terrorism.

During the meeting, the terror of radical Islamic terrorism was also discussed. After the one-to-one bilateral meeting of the two leaders, Trump agreed to work with Russia on this matter. At a press conference he widely discussed on the matter of radical Islamic terrorism. He even mentioned that both countries i.e. the US and Russia are becoming a victim of this terrorism. They are suffering greatly. He further stated that both countries have acknowledged maintaining of open communications with the security agencies in order to protect the citizens from the global hazard. In this respect, they discussed about the situation in Syria being a complicated one. However, with the cooperation of two countries, hundreds and thousands of lives can be saved.

Putin agreed to work with the US in order to deal with the Syrian conflict. He mentioned that Russia and the US can take the initiative on this issue. By working together both countries can easily reduce the humanitarian crisis. Putin also highlighted that both presidents agrees that both countries should coordinate with each other in order to work out the entire matter of military, political, and disarmament information.

President Putin during the meeting with President Trump at Helsinki pointed out that both countries should work on the extension of the Strategic Arms reduction Treaty, on the dangerous circumstances surrounding the development of elements of the global system within the American missile defense, and on the introduction of the treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate Range and Short-Range Missile, and also avoiding the placement of missiles in space.

The one-to-one bilateral meeting among the US and Russian delegations in Helsinki was taken forward with lunch.


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