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Trump: Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist organization list

A secret study on Egyptian affairs by the CIA found the growing power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to be a far-reaching threat to US interests but warned that targeting the group was more dangerous.

The vacuum expected to be left could be occupied by more radical and less tolerant organizations say The study, which was done by the CIA in mid-1986, when former President Hosni Mubarak was at the top of his power, yet included an attempt to foresee the potential dangers to his regime.

The study predicted that the regime will face popular action if conditions continue to deteriorate along with mismanagement One of the most secret documents published by the CIA this week on the agency’s Web site, after removing the veil of secrecy, is an analysis of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, dating back to April 1986, the analysis reveals the strengths of the group versus its weaknesses, it explains the reasons for the fluctuation in the American position towards the Brotherhood The US intelligence analysts perceive the Brotherhood as less dangerous and violent compared with the more radical Islamic groups.

The American media offered the reasons for the approval of President Donald Trump, the potential to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and its repercussions on the United States and the Middle East.

As the US President Donald Trump prepares to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and lists it on the list of other US terrorist organizations, US media said it would be very sensitive because it would affect Washington’s relations with several countries including Qatar, Turkey, and other countries, which support the “Brotherhood”.

It seems that the description given by the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, gave hints about the US future politic with the Muslim brotherhood “They are a trumpet of radical Islam,” he said there is a debate on this matter, and the issue is not new because it was before Congress in early 2016, and no decision was made at that time.

The National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, wants to include the Muslim brotherhood on the lists of the foreign ministry and the US Treasury of foreign terrorist organizations.

There is a consensus between the State and the National Security that this group is a terrorist organization.

Walid Fares, Trump adviser, believes that the most important issue is the mechanism is considering the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

“The US House of Representatives has proposed a majority vote, and if the Senate passed that bill, President Donald Trump would sign it and approve the law that classifies the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group,” he added.

Some of the American media commented on the approval of the Judicial Committee in the US House of Representatives On a draft resolution calling on the US administration to include the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist organizations.

According to the analysis, the project gives the US State Department a 60-day period after passing it to report to Congress that the organization does not practice or advocate terrorist activities. In the event that the State fails to provide evidence, it must include the organization on the terrorist organizations list.

Some US politicians, research centers and studies point out that any US action to categorize the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization could complicate relations with Ankara.

Especially that the Turkish leadership is led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) with an Islamic background. Trump and his administration are seeking a solution to the difficult equation in adopting a pragmatic policy on foreign issues, including dealing with the Muslim BrotherhoodDespite the sensitivity of the subject, Trump are trying to get concessions from everyone for the sake of his country.

The US relationship with Qatar has long been governed by interests,But if Trump decides to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, it will mean great challenges for the Qatari government because it will not be able to continue to embrace and support the organization’s prominent leaders on its soil, nor can it continue to provide financially, media and political support to them, Considering that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates had classified the Muslim Brotherhood as a banned terrorist organization since years now.

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