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Trump Meeting With Emir Does Not Get Media Access

In the middle of the pro-terrorism activities that continue between Qatar and its alliances, the Emir was able to influence the American President to keep the media off certain of his meeting- or was it visa versa?

It is confirmed by Washington Post that a group of photographers from prominent news organizations boycotted a ceremony in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

Such lack of transparency and secrecy only helps create the groundwork for the agenda that Qatar has towards keeping a happy face with the US, while it buys off from it, military equipment and technology to supply to countries which do not share such friendly relations with the US.

While President Trump allowed the media into the Oval Office for what’s known as a “pool spray” with the emir, he only talked about the forthcoming signing ceremony. Surprisingly, the previous scheduled had no provisions for the media to cover the signing of deals. Yet, Trump seemed to feel proud to make an open assertion.

“They’re buying tremendous amounts of military equipment, including planes and they’re buying commercial planes, as you know, a very large number of commercial planes from Boeing. And we very much appreciate it. We’re going to be signing a document today, a very large transaction — you’re going to be invited to the signing,” said Trump to the assembled media pool.

A print pool representative — George Condon of the National Journal — did attend the signing ceremony. “At the later event in the Roosevelt Room, the two leaders stood behind various officials and business leaders as they signed five agreements. They did not speak during the signings, as Treasury Secretary Mnuchin presided,” wrote Condon in a pool report.

He was apparently the only one who was given access to attend the meeting.

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