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Trump, Erdogan discusses working group on Russian S-400 missile system

Donald Trump and President of Turkey in a telephone conversation with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, a Turkish S-400 to create a joint working group planned to purchase a missile defense system, said they discussed the proposals.

”Mr. President has raised the proposal to establish a working group on the purchase of the S-400 defense system from the Russian Federation,“ he said.

The two countries were discussed for months on NATO’s defense network and are incompatible with Turkey’s F-35 fighter in order to say that the missile defense system could endanger the aircraft.

Ankara said a working group could assess the impact of the S-400 on war jets, but said he had no news from the Americans on Friday.

The White House said in a statement Monday, Trump and Erdogan, Turkey’s S-400 said that they plan to discuss buying the missile defense system.

A senior official, Trump United States has asked Turkey’s S-400 system that complied with Erdogan raised concerns about the purchase, said:

We were very open and consistent with the emphasis on the S-400 acquisition, with the representatives of the Turkish government, on a number of occasions and at the highest level.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and several US senators to Turkey, in accordance with a law to impose sanctions on countries that provide military equipment from the Russian S-400, are said to attract the buying of punishment.

Turkey, as a NATO member and is not a threat to the United States, said that the sanctions should not be applied.

The White House said they discussed Trump and Erdogan’s trade in Syria and the ongoing crises.

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