The Trilateral Meet Keeps Syrian Issues Unresolved

The Commander-in-Chief said the US will let the other countries take care of Syria and it is retreating back its troops from the besieged region of Syria.

There are possibilities that the regime present in Damascus will be doing what Moscow or Tehran tells it to do. But the potential of Turkey, Iran, and Russia to do something new in Syria will be short-lived. The three countries should focus and resolve the issues on the causes of the Syrian war.

In the trilateral solution between the three countries, Russia and Iran have contended that they will get full access in the region till the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. By getting such access, Tehran will be able to harass Israel and dominate the region.

Russia, on the other hand, will be able to retain its airbase in the Mediterranean. In the meanwhile, Turkey is happy as it has got control over the west of the Euphrates along Idlib. It is also providing space for the Sunni militants who are creating their own community. In the current situation, the millions of Syrian refugees who are now living in Turkey might return as well.

The unspoken truth that gets unnoticed in such a scenario that, America still has enough influence and gun power in the northeast region which will be remaining in the enclave of Syria and Kurds for many more years to come.


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